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Women in STEM OWSD Early Career Fellowship 2023

The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) invitations applications for the first Career Fellowship for women in STEM in 2023.

The OWSD Early Career Fellowship programme is run by OWSD with funds liberally provided by the International Development analysis Centre (IDRC), Canada.

The fellowship programme supports early career ladies scientists to guide necessary analysis comes in those countries that are known as particularly lacking in scientific and technological resources. The fellows can undertake their analysis comes in one amongst the eligible countries and candidates should demonstrate that they need spent important periods of your time in this country (at least five years in total). candidates should even have a guarantee of employment at the establishment wherever they shall do the analysis.


  • The OWSD Early Career Fellowship is for 2 years and provides up to USD 50,000.
  • Please note that the OWSD Early Career Fellowship doesn’t offer for the fellow’s wage that should be secure by the fellow’s establishment.
  • The fellow’s establishment should waive any overhead or indirect prices on the research. However, candidates will embrace in their budget break-down any prices for support from the establishment that may directly profit the research (for example, work technician’s time, maintenance and utilities prices, body officer’s time, etc.).
  • During the 2-year fellowship, fellows can depend upon their leadership and management skills, develop connections with a spread of public and personal sector partners to probably convert their analysis into marketable product or guarantee its impact on a broader scale.
  • By rising their communication and reach skills, fellows also will learn to effectively gift their analysis to varied audiences, so attracting new collaborators and potential funders to make sure the property of the research.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

To be eligible to use for the OWSD Early Career Fellowship candidates should meet the subsequent criteria:

  • Applicants should are resident in one amongst the listed Science and Technology insulation Countries (STLCs)* for a minimum of five years.
  • The fellowship programme supports early career ladies scientists to guide necessary analysis comes in those countries that are known as particularly lacking in scientific and technological resources.

Please note:

  • The five years don’t ought to be consecutive.
  • The countries might vary slightly annually (please continuously check the present list).
  • Applicants may be voters of any country, only if the on top of residence demand is consummated.
  • Based on criteria established by IDRC and in agreement with OWSD. annually the list are updated once the decision for applications is opened. From 2017, some countries in continent (including Nigeria) are not any longer thought-about low financial gain and are so not eligible for OWSD fellowships support.
  • Some new countries outside continent are additional.

Eligible employment

  • At the time of application, candidates should offer proof of being utilized at the university or research institute wherever the research are dispensed. If employment has not however commenced, a symptom of employment supply and confirmation of acceptance is needed.
  • The establishment wherever the research are dispensed should be in one amongst the listed STLCs.
  • Applicants should offer proof that they’re going to receive a wage from their university/research institute for the length of the biennial fellowship.
  • Eligible STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  1. Agricultural Sciences
  2. Astronomy, area and Earth Sciences
  3. Biological Systems and Organisms
  4. Chemical Sciences
  5. Computing and knowledge Technology
  6. Engineering Sciences
  7. Mathematical Sciences
  8. Medical and Health Sciences
  9. Neurosciences
  10. Physics
  11. Structural, Cell and biology

Research project proposals from alternative fields (social science, education, etc.) don’t seem to be eligible and can not be taken into thought.
Lower rates of research proposals in chemical, mathematical, and engineering sciences, physics and computing and knowledge technology were received throughout the 2018 involve applications and, thus, are given priority thought within the 2023 choice method.

Eligible educational qualification

  • PhD in one amongst the above-listed study fields.
  • PhD awarded no more than ten years before application.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2023

Application Details

  • All documents should be uploaded through the web application system. don’t email any documentation to OWSD.
  • Applications are reviewed by a panel of eminent scientists UN agency are specialists within the eligible subjects and have information of the challenges facing ladies scientists from developing countries. Committee members are appointed by OWSD and also the choice meeting will be chaired by OWSD.
  • The Selection Committee’s call is final and not eligible for attractiveness. It can’t be contested or subject to clarification or justification.


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