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Visa Application Process for Studying in New Zealand

Do you know how to apply for a study visa in New Zealand? Today, Impact Life Tech will tell you about the relevant procedures of the New Zealand study visa application process to help you study in New Zealand.

New Zealand study visa application is simple, as long as the students have prepared the materials and submitted to the New Zealand Immigration Service, the results will be produced within a month, and most of them will be successful.

The New Zealand student visa is valid for several years. Generally, the time limit for the visa is based on the student’s study abroad time, but it can not exceed four years. Please refer to the following for the detailed procedures for applying for a New Zealand student visa.

New Zealand student visa is valid for several years.

The New Zealand Immigration Service stipulates that student visas are divided into five categories: self-funded students, full award students, half award students (free tuition but need to provide their own living expenses), exchange students and vocational trainees. These are limited visas for study purposes, and the typical processing time is 6 to 8 weeks from the date of receipt of the application.

Generally speaking, the New Zealand study visa is issued to the date on which tuition and living expenses are paid (up to 4 years). If the course is based on the New Zealand school year, visas for higher education will be issued on March 31, and primary and secondary courses will be issued on February 28. If the course is less than one year or the course can begin at any time of the year, the visa will be issued up to one month after the tuition is due.

New Zealand Student Visa Application Process

☆Step 1: Fill in the “Student Visa Application Form” and “Student Fund Guarantee Form” in accordance with the requirements of the Immigration New Zealand, apply for notarial procedures such as birth certificate, notarization of kinship, notarization of academic qualifications, no notarization of criminal crimes, etc., and proof of financial ability (Such as bank deposit certificate), go to the designated hospital for medical examination and X-ray fluoroscopy. Submit the completed materials to the New Zealand Immigration Office together with the New Zealand school’s admission notice, application fee, postage fee, etc. When can a New Zealand student visa be applied for?

☆Step 2: Hold a letter of approval to apply for a passport, and pay tuition fees to New Zealand schools (at least how long the tuition fees need to be paid is determined by the school), accommodation fees, purchase student medical insurance, etc.

☆Step 3: Submit a copy of passport, study visa approval letter and various payment vouchers to the immigration office to wait for the visa. In order to protect the rights and interests of international students, New Zealand has established a pre-assessment link. The pre-assessment indicates that the embassy has approved the approval of the student visa. , You only need to submit some regular visa documents to get an official visa. The pre-signature letter will be sent to the mailbox filled in the student visa application form.9

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