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Top 15 Most In Demand Jobs In UK

With the increasing use of technology and innovation, many new jobs have been created, making some jobs more popular and in serious demand, most of the high paying jobs and demand jobs are skilled jobs with many opening yearly, we were able to compile this list of top 15 most in demand jobs in the UK, with estimates of salary and job opening.

  • Cyber Security Expert

With the high rate of fraud now, many persons are afraid of investing in many online platform, many persons are afraid of online platform’s, which is why many governmental agencies are after graduates of cyber security, to help them tackle cyber based crimes.

  • Data Analyst

With lots of storage in the internet, sometimes accessing information about people events sometimes is not easy, many organizations with cumbersome data’s in order to get information and process it faster employee data analyst, their pay is around £30,323 with about 1,500 job openings.

  • Robotics Engineer

 With the recent advancement in technology in the fields of robotics, many organizations are after individuals with a degree or knowledge in robotics to code and program their software’s, robotics engineers are need in industries like biomedical engineering, warehousing and logistics, aggrotech and driverless car companies to program and control their robotic software’s.

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  • Nurses

Nursing is one of the most demand jobs with the government even offering full scholarships to study it, currently apprenticeship options in nursing exists in order to meet the demand of nurses, yet they is is still 4000 extra nursing jobs yearly with nobody to fill.

  • Software Engineer/Development

Careers in software engineering is in high demand in the UK, they’re also highly paid, and all firms need them, even in business sector, health sector, for business intelligence, gaming, cloud intelligence etc. Their average salary is around £41,100, with about 18,500 opening yearly.

  • Carpenters and Joiners

This field is seriously in high demand especially in construction firms, who need their services in virtually all areas of their works, their apprenticeship opportunity is so wide. It has about 3,000 job openings yearly.

  • Accountant’s

Yearly the field of accounting in UK has about 4,800 openings, every firm needs an accountant to keep a financial update of their organizational files and documents, the salary scale per year is £36,171.

  • Esports Coach

With the increase in E sports platform, currently many players need a coach who can help them tackle critical challenge and motivate them.

  • User Experience (UX) Designer

This field is highly needed especially in the fields of banking and finance, education, health, online retail agencies. To create a user friendly platform for them. It has about 4000 jobs yearly.

  • Epidemiologist

 With outbreaks of diseases in the world, the need for epidemiologist has risen as a result of researches to tackle them, and with COVID 19 lots of jobs were created in that field.

  • Graphics Designer

Everyone wants to have his business advertised in a way that it can attract clients, and private individuals who need graphical designs for their celebrations, about 2,000 job openings yearly are out for graphics designer’s. With a salary range of £25,171. 

  • Teachers

With the population of children going into the schools they is serious needs for teachers, who studied mathematics, physics and computer science, yearly about 13,000 jobs opportunities are available for teachers in the UK.

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  • Mechanical Engineering

Lots of industries use appliances, that requires to be serviced daily, or repaired when it has faults, in UK about 11,300 job openings yearly are out for mechanical engineer’s. With an average salary of £33,765. 

  • Agronomist

The fields of agriculture are one of the most neglected fields in the world, but has one of the highest employment rate, experts who can apply the latest technology to the fields of agriculture is highly needed.

  • Diagnostic Technicians

We are in the world of automobiles, experts who can spot faults in cars are needed since most cars today are becoming driver less.

As you can see from this list of the most in demand job in the UK, that most jobs require the knowledge of computer, and new jobs keep on emerging on daily basis depending on the needs of the society, do your best to update your skills to that will project you to fit in to a new role.

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