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The SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards in South Africa 2023

The SAB Foundation supports and invests in entrepreneurs and social innovation with a priority in benefitting girls and youth, people in rural areas and other people living with disabilities. The SAB Foundation has created opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators living with disabilities and that we powerfully encourage them to use.

The Social Innovation Award is geared toward innovators/social entrepreneurs/institutions/social enterprises with prototypes or early-stage businesses that may solve a social drawback.

The Disability authorization Award is geared toward innovators/social entrepreneurs/institutions/social enterprises whose innovations concentrate on providing solutions for folks living with disabilities.


The award ranges from R200 000 – R1 three hundred 000 along side business development support to help with venture growth.

  • In addition to the award elaborated higher than, the awardees are assessed on a case-by-case basis and placed on a tailored mentorship programme.
  • This programme is versatile and adjusted to the requirements of every awardee, as reciprocally agreed by each awardee and mentor

Eligibility & Selection Criteria

  • The SAB Foundation Social Innovation and incapacity authorization Awards are going to be receptive any innovation resolution that gives a reputable prospect of meeting a demonstrable social and/ or economic would like proved by the SAB Foundation’s target low-income beneficiary teams (with a specific stress on innovation that advantages girls, youth, folks with incapacity and people in rural areas), still as demonstrating potential as a property businesses.
  • Entries are welcome from South African people, innovators, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and university departments. Entrants might enter as people on their own, or as members of a team, during which case one individual team leader shall complete the web form.
  • The innovation entered should be the initial work of the human and a real innovation and/or a big improvement on an existing technology, product, service, and production methodology or business model.
  • Product innovation covers innovations in each merchandise and services, which may be divided into new or improved merchandise. a replacement product has totally different characteristics and supposed uses than existing merchandise. it’s going to use new technologies, information and merchandise or a mix of those. associate degree improved product is an existing product whose performance is significantly raised; in terms of either increased output or a discount in value.
  • Process innovation is that the adaption or creation of improved ways in which to deliver a product or service. It might come back from changes in information, perception and understanding.
  • For poverty reduction, method innovations will increase the amount of service delivery to beneficiaries, or alter practitioners to succeed in antecedently untouched teams or people.
  • Applications are receptive all South African voters, eighteen years or older. All participants should submit a licensed copy of their South African Identity Document with their on-line applications.
  • The innovation/solution should have progressed past the “blue-sky” thinking stage: there must be some proof of investment by the human. this implies that candidates should be able to show proof that before applying, they need hung out and/or cash developing the innovation: designing, developing and testing prototypes, market and trade analysis, developing a business arrange.
  • Please see the “Participation Rules” on the web application forms for Terms and Conditions.

Application Deadline: March 23, 2023

Application Details

Read through this leaflet to visualize if your organization or plan would be a decent suitable the Social Innovation and incapacity authorization Awards supported its impact on a minimum of one in all the four focus areas (women, youth, persons living with disabilities or persons living in rural areas).
Select the proper program you’ll be applying for:
Read through the web application steering document.
Complete the web form. The link is accessible on their web site
Make sure you complete and submit your application before the point.
Early submissions are powerfully inspired.
The SAB Foundation Social Innovation and incapacity authorization Awards get the most effective concepts to reinforce the lives of antecedently deprived South Africans. Specific thought are going to be given throughout the decision making method to the race, gender, age and incapacity standing of candidates


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