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Best Public Universities in US

Looking for the best public university in US, can be very difficulty  as every university has something unique in them, with low tuition fees and research citations of each institutions. US alone boasts of one of the best universities in the world, with good faculty students ratio, conducive learning environment. Which often makes applicants confused on which institutions to chose.

  • University of California – Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles


This institution is a public research institution founded in 1882, it has a student’s population of 45,742 and is renowned for financial aids, it is a selective institution in terms of her admission, with a low tuition fee. It has a student’s faculty ratio of 18:1.

  • University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Location: Ann Arbor

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This is a research institution and is recognized for its uniqueness in research, among the best 20 schools in US. And it offers its program in 19 schools. This institution also has several online programs especially in the field of engineering. Its spends about $1.39 billion dollars in research.

  • University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Location: chapel Hill NC


This institution was chartered in 1789 with a student’s population of 18,946 which comprises of students who are research oriented, it has a student faculty ratio of 13:1. With an in state tuition of $8,834. This institution offers financial aids to her students.

  • University of Virginia

Location: Charlottesville, VA


This institution for years now is the best university in Virginia, it has a low tuition fee. It is a forerunner in the area of research and innovation, with a student’s faculty ratio of 15:1. 

  • College of William and Mary

Location: Williamsburg, VA


It is the second oldest college in US, dating as far back as is a small institution. It attracts more of intelligent students. It aims at preparing students for research, volunteer services and academic excellence.

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

Location:  Atlanta, GA


This institution is a public research institution, with space grant and has a student’s population of 36,489 it is renowned for its research and innovation in the field of engineering which aims at making her graduates innovators.

  • University of California – Santa Barbara

Location: Santa Barbara, GA


This public research institution was founded in 1891, it has a space and land grant, it has a student’s population of 26,314, and has an academic staff population of 2,749, this institution has 87 undergraduate’s programs, 55 graduate program, it has about 20 research centers. 

  • University of California – Berkeley

Location: Berkeley, CA


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This institution is a space and land grant founded in 1868, it has a student’s population of 31000 undergraduates and 12000 postgraduates, it has 80 interdisciplinary department offering over 350 degrees, it is among the top universities in the world in terms of research publication.

  • University of Texas – Austin

Location: Austin TX


This is a renowned institution that was established in 1883, it accepts more than 70% of Texas high school graduate and residents, making it competitive for none Texas residents. This institution has about 17 libraries and 4 museums. Its tuition fee is $25,440. It also offers exchange program in 400 different fields in 78 countries.

  • University of Florida

Location: Gainesville, FL


This institution is among the top 50 affordable university in the country, and has many libraries, museums and research centers, it has a student’s population of 50,000.  It offers one of the best programs in the world in agriculture, environmental ecology, plant science, animal science, pharmacology and toxicology, space science, health science and chemistry.

 This list of best public university in US, was compiled to aid your admission process, links of every institutions admission portal has been provided for you. To quickly process your admission

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