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Best Private Colleges and Universities in Virginia, USA

The state of Virginia also known as the old dominion or the state of presidents is aiming at being the most educated state in the US, this state is making all efforts to see that all her public and private universities and colleges is competing with the rest of the world in the quality of education they offer, as at after the great recession, about 11.5 million jobs were created in the state which about 95% requires at least a post-secondary certificate. The state of Virginia has about 3 dozen private colleges and universities which mostly leaves prospective undergraduates who wish study in any of her private university confused on which to choose, which is why we have decided to ease the stress of searching from the net by providing you a list of the private colleges and universities in Virginia.

  • Washington and Lee University

LOCATION: Lexington, VA

Tuition fee: $52,455


It is a unique university with the slimmest admission rate of 19%. It has unique approach to education in that it combines an emphasis on analytical, technological, and critical thinking skills with a strong emphasizes on ethical compass, with aim of producing visionary leader’s.

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  • University of Richmond

LOCATION: Richmond, VA


Tuition fee: $52,610

It is a research institution that combines its liberal arts curriculum with top professional schools in business, leadership, and law. It makes it compulsory that her students must pass through a fellowship, internship and research to gain experience.

  • Eastern Mennonite University

LOCATION: Harrisonburg, VA


Tuition fee: $37,110

This institution was established in 1917, it currently has a population of 1000 undergraduates and 900 graduates, with student’s staff ratio of 10:1. It offers about 35 undergraduate majors, 8 graduate programs, and seminary aims helping students find their purpose and serve their communities, it also offers students staff conversation with aims of building a research based mentorship.

  • Hampden-Sydney College

LOCATION: Hampden-Sydney, VA


Tuition fee: $45,746

This is an all men liberal arts institution founded in 1775 by the Presbyterians, apart from academics this institution focuses on building men with strong moral and ethical character development. Who behave like honorable gentleman, this institution makes it compulsory for her students to do a rhetoric program, an intensive reading program and writing program to develop their communication skills, to make them outstanding. It has a student’s staff ratio of 10:1. With about 25 majors and 5 pre professional programs.

  • Hollins University



Tuition fee: 39,035

 This a liberal arts institution and started as a coeducational institution but was later changed to a women’s college in 1852. It was the first institutions to start an exchange program and her students study in countries England, France, Italy, Jamaica, and has 27 undergraduate programs and 10 graduate programs. It prepares its students for a meaningful life and continuous learning. Has a student’s staff ratio of 10:1.

  • Roanoke College



Tuition fee: $44,155

This is a liberal arts founded in 1842 by the Lutheran church, it has  a student’s population of 2000, with a student’s staff ratio of 13:1, in 34 majors and 11 pre-professional programs. This great institution is renowned for its aims of helping students discover what they Love and Make the society better for all, through taking courses unique to their intellectual capacity.

  • Randolph Macon College


TUITION Fee: $41,300


It is a liberal arts college founded in 1830 by the Methodist, it has an undergraduate student’s population of 1,400. This institution focuses on preparing students for extraordinary life in her 50 majors, it has a student’s staff ratio of 11:1, it has study abroad options.

  • Liberty University

LOCATION: Lynchburg, VA


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Tuition fee: $112,00

This institution is a Christian university established in 1971, it is the largest Christian university in the world and the largest university in Virginia. It has a student’s population of 110,000, with about 95,000 online students. It has more than 500 programs in her bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and specialists, majority of its program can be completed online.

  • Sweet Briar College

LOCATION: Sweet Briar, VA


Tuition Fee: $21,000

This institution was founded in 1901, currently it has a student’s population of more than 300, students become leaders, researchers, and foreign exchange students. It has 30 undergraduate majors or 2 graduate programs.

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  • Bridgewater College

LOCATION: Bridgewater, VA


Tuition Fee: $

This institution was founded in 1880, it was the first liberal arts institution to allow women in the state. It has 62 majors and 10 pre-professional programs which aims at challenge to students to be inquisitive of themselves, live a purposeful life and contribute to the society. 

We have carefully provided you with the basic information on tuition fee, each institutions research capacity and students acceptance rate. Best private colleges in Virginia, USA.

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