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Best Online Colleges In Arizona

The state of Arizona boasts of a slightly higher unemployment rate with 4.8%, in order to get employed in one of her lucrative professions you will need a degree, sometimes most person who can’t afford a college degree, enter the labor market to get something with their high school certificate, but in order to cope with the constant demands in terms of promotion and skills, a degree is needed. In order to sustain their work and still fend for a living online colleges becomes the next option, which is why we compiled this list of best online colleges in Arizona, most of this institutions provide flexible programs that allow you to work and still have time for your studies, with the best career guidance.

Online education serves you many expenses ranging from housing, transportation, child care and other campus expenses expected of full-time students, many only programs use an asynchronous system where students can access prerecorded lectures and course material any time of the day without interfering with their work or family duties.

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  • University of Arizona

Location: Tucson, AZ


This institution offers online programs in both undergraduate and graduate degree, students use Skype, email to communicate with their professor’s. They also offer job and career experience to her students through alumni communication or networking.

  • Arizona State University-Skysong

Location: Scottsdale, AZ


This institution has an online program with a student’s population of 30,000 studying in her more than 200 online programs in 18 different academic divisions. It has one of the best transfer credit policy. They provide one of the best support services to her students, they accept students who possess their GED or high school diploma.

  • Northern Arizona University

Location: Flagstaff, AZ


This institution uses the blackboard to facilitate her online programs, and each students is allowed a unique startup date. Its programs run across bachelor’s, Master’s, doctoral degree. It offers its program in a traditional format and competency based test. They also provide online library and access to any of her campus library.

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott

Location: Prescott, AZ


This institution also has a campus in Florida, it online programs runs through bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral in the field of aerospace engineering aviation and aerospace sustainability. This institution also offers free online programs for degree seekers. Its program lasts 9-12 weeks. Learners can access technical support at any time.

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  • Arizona Christian University

Location: Phoenix, AZ


This institution offers 6 programs online which includes business administration, biblical and theological studies, and secondary education. Its only programs start every 8 weeks. This institution boasts of an online library with the latest research materials. They also offer merit and need based scholarship.

 With the advent of distance learning and online programs a lot of persons who had never taught of having a degree, currently are graduates. It has made studies available at your door steps, which is why the list of best online colleges in Arizona, will be of help to you in choosing where to get your university certificate.

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