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Best Nursing Colleges in Georgia USA

The state of Georgia is renowned for its high demand for nurses  which makes the profession competitive, and one of the high paid jobs in the state. many persons aspiring to become nurses knowing that the first step of becoming a nurse is having a degree program in nursing and the school you studied in determines your employment capacity, getting the best nursing college in Georgia can be stressful as almost her universities and colleges offer nursing, which is why decided to ease you the stress by listing the best in respect to NCLES pass rate, tuition fee and how each institution offer their nursing program. And the quality of graduates they produce. 

  • Georgia southwestern university

Website: www.gsw.rdu

Tuition fee: $5,080

NCLEX Pass rate: 90.28%  

The Georgia southwestern university apart from its traditional 4 years nursing program offer a 2 year BSN and online RN-BSN program, it also has many study options for nursing program but doesn’t have an accelerated program in nursing.

  • Emory university


Tuition fee: $53,070

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NCLEX Pass rate: 91.38%

This private university is a renowned liberal art institution, it offers both online and in person program in nursing, it also offers an accelerated nursing degree.

  • Georgia state university


Tuition fee: $8,948

NCLEX Pass rate: 85.50%

This institution affords her students the opportunity to be involved in social change programs. It offers online and in person programs. It also offers MSN and DNP along with RN-MSc program.

  • Mercer university


Tuition fee: $36,594

NCLEX Pass rate: 91.45%

This private institution is one of the best in terms of her NCLEX pass rate in the state in BSN Program, they provide financial aids to her students, and offer both online and in person nursing programs, with accelerated programs in place.

  • Augusta university


Tuition fee: $8,648

NCLEX Pass rate: 86.60%

This is a large public research university located in Augusta, it has a strong BSN program with a comprehensive nursing education. They also offer DNP and MSN programs too.

  • University of west Georgia


Tuition fee: $4,264

NCLEX Pass rate: 91.35%

This institution unlike other universities offer lesser nursing programs, they provide academic assistance to her students.

  • Columbus state university


Tuition fee: $7,334

NCLEX Pass Rate: 89.68%

This university boasts of its non-traditional nursing program, which offers 100% employment opportunity to her online students and some of her nursing programs van be completed in a year.

  • Kennesaw state university


Tuition fee: $7,432

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NCLEX Pass rate: 95.16%

This institution is among the 50 largest university in the united states, with one of the best NCLEX pass rate in the state, and affordable school fees too. It has a town setting making her environment students friendly.

  • George College & state University


Tuition fee: $ 7,508 

NCLEX Pass rate: 95.56%

This institution started as an education Centre for women, it mixes her nursing program with an element of liberal arts. With many nursing packages both in person and online.

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  • Georgia southern university


Tuition fee: $ 5,464

NCLEX Pass rate: 75.56%

Despite its poor NCLEX pass rate its tuition fee is very low which is why it fail on this list, it also offers online and in person programs in nursing.

This list of the best nursing colleges in Georgia will go a long way in assisting you to realize your dream, each institutions link has been provided for you to hasten your pace in and avoid you being a victim of scammers.

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