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Best Junior Colleges in Kansas USA

A lot of persons who wish to have degree beyond that of high school diploma, but can’t afford then high tuition fee in four years’ college seek for admissions in junior colleges, in the state of Kansas a lot of junior/community exists but we have compiled this list of the best based on their accommodation, how they run completion track for her students and we provided you with links to aid your admission.

  1. Seward County Community College – Liberal, KS
  2. Coffeyville Community College – Coffeyville, KS
  3. Dodge City Community College – Dodge City, KS
  4. Colby Community College – Colby, KS
  5. Garden City Community College – Garden City, KS
  6. Hutchinson Community College – Hutchinson, KS
  7. Allen County Community College – Iola, KS
  8. Cowley College – Arkansas City, KS
  9. Cloud County Community College – Concordia, KS
  10. Johnson County Community College – Overland Park, KS

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  • Seward County Community College

Location: Liberal, KS


This institution has a student’s enrollment of 2500, it offers 45 associate degrees across her five disciplines, allied health; humanities; industrial technology; science, math, and P.E.; and agriculture, business, and personal services, it also offers rural outreach programs to rural communities. They also offer online programs too; its admission requirements vary.

  • Coffeyville Community College

Location: Coffeyville, KS


It was one of the first junior colleges in the state and was established in 1923, it has a student’s population of 3000, it offers about 30 academic majors and 20 technical majors, it also offers online program. Application is open to any person with a GED or high school diploma.

  • Dodge City Community College

Location: Dodge City, KS


This institution offers program in Eight academic disciplines and HSS more than 30 certificates and degree pathways. They also offer online and hybrid courses, application for admission into her nursing programs additional requirements beyond the GED and high school diploma.

  • Colby Community College

Location: Colby, KS


It has a student’s enrollment of 1,900 this institution has an agricultural center, it offers about 50 degrees and certificate in technical, academic and vocational disciplines.  It’s one of the five community colleges to offer a program in veterinary nursing. It also offers program online. It admission requires a high school diploma.

  • Garden City Community College

Location: Garden City, KS


This institution is one of the two pioneer junior colleges still in existence founded in 1919, it offers 12 certification courses and 40 academic and technical programs.  It also has online options. Admission is through proof of GED or high school diploma.

  • Hutchinson Community College

Location: Hutchinson, KS


This institution houses about 5,500 students in a year, it offers a programs in technical and career courses. It also runs an exchange program with universities in Kansas for her students who wish to get a Degree. They offer a step ahead program for her high school graduates. Admission procedures here varies.

  • Allen County Community College

Location: Iola, KS

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This institution offers program options like once-a-week, night, hybrid, and online class for her students who wants to a distance learning program. It offers an associate degree, 15 programs that lead to award of associate degrees in arts, Associate degrees in science, 9 program that leads to award of associate of applied science, 14 career and technical courses. It also offers 75-degree completion program in universities.

  • Cowley College

Location: Arkansas City, KS


It offers about 120 program in six academic departments, it offers about 35 degree programs online. It offers a major in anthropology, business administration, creative writing, environmental health, pre-law, religion, and veterinary medicine. It admission requirements is a high school diploma and requirement varies depending on status.

Your dream of having a certificate higher than a high school diploma is gradually being fulfilled with your decision of searching for the best junior colleges in Kansas, as we have provided links to every institution. Admission portal.

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