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Apply For Student Scholarships Without IELTS

This article provides answers to the commonly asked question by young person’s seeking admissions abroad, which made us to gather this information to aid you apply for your scholarship without IELTS requirements and calm your fears.

Even though the IELTS is the most common and important requirements in language testing, it doesn’t apply to these scholarships. 

The aim of this article is to discuss and list various universities where you can study abroad without IELTS, according to the countries they’re located. All you need is just a letter or certificate of English proficiency or letter from your previous institutions.

Study without IELTS in Australia

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For university of Queensland gives admission if you completed a fulltime course in a country where English was your medium of communication or have hard work experience in an English speaking environment for five years. 

The University of Adelaide and Macquarie University accept students willing to do an English program at the beginning of their course. 

Bond University and The University of South Australia offers alternative tests such as CAE, PTE. The 

University of Southern Queensland and the Swinburne University of Technology also accept students whose secondary education was English.

Study without IELTS in Canada

If you have lived and attended school, for at least four years, where English was the primary language then you are not required to submit proof of language proficiency.

Study in UK Without IELTS

You can study without IELTS if you can prove one of the following

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You can provide a degree taught in English, countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa enjoy attention from the above listed universities.

Study in Malaysia/China Without IELTS

Malaysia and china are the most preferred amongst Asian students. In china the government provides scholarships to its university students.

Study in Germany Without IELTS

In Germany the requirement for studies is just require a letter to ascertain students English proficiency.

Study in Norway without IELTS

University of Oslo: only south African students are waived off from English language requirement, but other parts of Africa and the world it is required.

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