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6 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Accent in English

It may interest you to know that he most spoken language on Earth is the English language, and French is the second. Which is why English is adapted in many official gatherings internationally.  Many persons who speak English and learn them are not even from English speaking countries. Which sometimes affects the speakers Communicative skills,  accents can be hard to remove but once you apply the right principles you can  remove them in a months time. 

What are the steps to improve English pronunciation?

Every English language speaker knows well that, spelling isn’t helpful especially if you wish to know how to pronounce well, English pronunciation has evolved a lot over the years unlike spelling, good pronunciation is dependent on intonation, stress and syllables. This is different from accent.

They steps include

  • Focus on phonemes.
  • Search YouTube for tips from fellow learners.
  • Try some tongue twisters.
  • Learn new words with their pronunciations.
  • Read aloud and record yourself.
  • Listen to some podcasts.
  • Speak slowly.
  • Spend more time talking to native speakers
  • Use the dictionary to practice

Which English language Accent is the best?

 Globally British accent is recognized as the best English language Accent, according to a survey. The accent is easy to master and learn. Being the owners of the language their accent is always attractive to English language learner’s.

Tips to improve your English Accent

The 6 ways one can improve his or her accents is listed below

  • Get an English speaking instructor

It’s a good way to get a native English language speaker, who can coach you privately and this will save you making the mistake most people end up making. As it will help you to tackle pronunciation from day one. And your accent will require less perfection. 

  • Listen more

They’re many materials on the internet, audiovisual and visual that can help you to pronounce well,  and through listening to them your pronunciation skills will be improved.  Your focus shouldn’t be limited to vocabulary and grammar. You need to shift your attention to phonetic as well. 

Its nice and wise if you pay attention to the rhythm, breaks and intonation this will help you to learn more and improve your accents. 

  • Watch movies and TV shows and listen to the radio in English

Trying to understand how the English language is spoken and pronounced through watching movies may not have a significant difference, but it greatly helps.  It helps you to imitate the accents and come to understand how to fix intonation.  Your focus should be on media made for native English language speakers as they have more to impact.  Most language materials are less natural.

  • Record yourself practicing speaking English and then play it back to test your accent

The easiest and best ways to improve your language skills is to improve your accents, and see how far you have improved.  Your smartphone can be used to record yourself and listen to yourself, while neutrally assessing your skills.  You can assess how natural your accent is and the rhythm of your speech is through this method. 

 This method will help you to notice any error in the way you pronounce your words, or the rhythm of your speech. You will be able to notice mistakes and practice further. 

  • Read out loud every day

This method helps you learn faster as it boasts your confidence, it makes you focus more on 

Sentences and paragraphs, not on single words. Thereby improving your sentence delivery. 

  • Practice makes perfect

Improving your skills and accent will not happen overnight, you must keep practicing.  You must improve your practice skills regularly, if possible once in two days. This way  you will perfect your English accent.  Gaining accent needs skills and time. 

In conclusion, improving your English language accent will improve your skills, It helps you communicate efficiently and confidently, thereby exposing you to different opportunities. Good English accent could land you a high paying job, like being an air presenter, media person or a country ambassador. 

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