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5 Most Affordable Study Abroad Cities in UK

Are you looking for the most affordable place to study in the United Kingdom as an international student?

A new study considers the cost of both rent and living expenses to determine the cheapest university city in the UK. Students who want to study in the UK should read this ranking of the most affordable university cities in the UK.

Preamble: According to the latest research by Credit Money website; Warwick, Norwich, Swansea, Bath and Kiel are the 5 cheapest study cities in the UK. Relax and read, we have a lot for you.

According to the Sunday Times Good University Guide, this free credit report and comparison selects the top 50 universities in the UK, ranks them, and ranks the cheapest to the least expensive. Unlike some other student cities in the UK, the overall cost of UK student cities takes into account rent and other student costs.

Their research considered weekly rents, movie tickets, monthly gym membership fees, a cappuccino, a meal, the price of a pint at the Witherspoon bar, the price of kebabs, and the price from downtown to university Taxi prices.

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Joe Gardner, Totally Money’s director of branding and content, says for students, “affordability is always a priority.” “This is where our survey can help. Students can see the top 50 universities in the UK in terms of cost of living and housing, and then use this data to make a choice that suits them best-whether it is Rent, travel costs, a pint of beer, or whatever.

Most Affordable Study Abroad Cities in UK

  • Warwick

Ranked first in affordability is Warwick. Warwick is located south of Coventry and is home to the University of Warwick and Warwick College. According to Totally Money, Warwick rented just £ 72 a week, and a movie ticket and a pint of beer cost £ 6.5 and £ 2.39, respectively. Warwick also has the second cheapest kebabs for £ 3.99.

  • Norwich

Norwich in Norfolk has two universities: the University of East Anglia and Norwich University of the Arts in the city center. Second-ranked Norwich had the lowest rents at £ 52 a week. However, the cost of all other products is slightly higher, which means that it has lost the top spot.

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  • Swansea

Swansea is home to Swansea University, and University of Wales, St David here thirty-one branch campuses. Swansea ranked third because of its “reasonable” gym membership fee of £ 20 and a pint of £ 2.19.

  • Bath

Not far from Bristol in southwestern England, Bath is home to the University of Bath, Bath College and Norland College. Rentals in the Bath area are £ 70 per week, but it ranks fourth because of cheap gym membership fees across the city, plus £ 2.29 a pint.

  • Kiel

Although the rent in Kiel is expensive, the price of taxis is average, but students at Kiel University can definitely buy the most beer for one dollar, because rich people always say they have the cheapest drink in the country For just 1.99 pounds, Kiel is firmly in fifth place.

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