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11 Online Side Hustle for College Students

For generations since the advent of education a lot of students in order to supplement the little money they receive from their parents decide to be involved in some part-time business like hair dressing, laundry services, catering services etc. but with the advent of technology they have been questions among students who wants to feature into business, as to how they can utilize the internet to gain working experience since online business gives little or no distractions to their studies. The procedures to being involved in 11 Online Side Hustle for College Students

Having a functional email account, social media handles, having a knowledge of e-banking, a good smart phone etc. once you have the following you’re good for a start.

Then the questions now is which job can I  handle as student? I will list a few here and give a brief information about each, and what it takes to be involved in each and how you can manage your time. Most online jobs are so competitive that many get frustrated after many periods of failed attempts in getting them, but if you ever think of quitting after many periods of trying remember that many students are making millions of Dollars from online jobs.  They’re as follows: Freelance writing, blogging, modelling, social media account handling, web designing, virtual assistants, online sales rep/delivery, graphics designing, crypto currency etc.

  • Freelance Writing

This field requires a good researcher and someone creative enough, with a good knowledge of the internet as a freelance content writer you need to have a good and active social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter. This handles is a medium you will use to advertise yourself and some of your articles. While you search for blogs, newspaper, magazines who need your services before you send any pitch to them make sure you have read at least an article from their site to know their writing style. Then you need to take a particular niche in writing, like articles, CV writing, press  release, blog posts, etc. Payment here depends on the companies Mou with you and how rich your works look, while some pay you per words.

Here are some platforms you can find clients offering freelance writing jobs for college students who wants to get involved with Online Side Hustle:,,,,,,,

  • Blogging/Youtubing

 This field already many students are in it, but the secret to this business is your ability to give a firsthand information, and have a linking sites to your articles, with good focus keywords. patience is needed here. For YouTube you need to bring up interesting topics and make sure you have a good followership. Pay here depends on blog visits etc. Here some places you can learn about youtubing and sites you can host your blogs from:,

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For blog hosting:,,,,

  • Social Media Account Handles

This requires patience and you need a social media account, and also you need to search online for sites and social media account handling jobs. Pay here is fixed like some earn $500-$1000 a month. Here are some platforms you can find clients offering job opportunities for social media account handles:,

  • Modelling

 This field is a popular field especially among students, this field requires from you the ability to do things differently, this field involves brand awareness, selling of your pictures online, they’re some sites you can sell your picture online like, you need an Instagram account, a Facebook page and you need to have an account with the picture selling app. And your ability to use nature. pay here varies, but some make up to 100k per session etc.

 Sites that you can get clients:,

For picture sales;,

  • Web Designing

 This field is gaining popularity amongs students currently, it involves creating a website, it requires a knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, SEO, to get start you can login learn from YouTube, or web design boot camps pages or you can enroll to learn from a nearby campus cybercafe. This field requires patience. Pay is hourly as some earn $20 per hour, but it all depend on your negotiation. Where to get Clients for web design job are listed below:,,,

  • Graphics Designing

Graphics designing is an aesthetic field, in that it involves creating animation, trying to design things to pass a message, they sometimes work hand in glove with web designers to create logos for them. Their work also involves creating of brochure, jotters, calendars. This field require a good knowledge of Corel draw, Photoshop etc. pay here is per item and average graphics designer earn $3 per work. For graphic design jobs and pitching the following sites will be of help:,

  • Freelance Photography

This field involve taking pictures of natural scenes, matters of public interest like war scenes, racial humiliation, crime etc. and selling online. The requirement for this field is a photograph and a knowledge of how to use it, creative mindset, an active Instagram and twitter account, knowledge of Photoshop. Pay here depends on how persuasive you are as a person and your communicative abilities.,,,

you also need create a profile on dribble, LinkedIn in order to get high paying clients too  

  • Crypto Currency

It is an online or virtual currency, here you buy a cryptocurrency from an online exchange, then you can choose any digital wallets to save like coinbase, cryptonator cryptocurrency wallets, ledger Nano X etc.

  • Virtual Assistants

  This area many students are not family with it, it involves managing phone calls for an organization, scheduling appointments, booking of hotels and flights for staffs of the organization, dispatching of emails to staffs, etc. from the confines of your home. This field requires a good communication skill, knowledge of Microsoft word, determination, time management skills. Just check these sites:,

  • Project/ Assignment Writing

This field is very popular especially among bright students, this field involves getting in touch with online sites that help students do their assignments, it requires to pitch with them, but one thing you should have in mind is most of the online companies can always detect plagiarism. This field requires a working email account and research skills. pay here depends on agreement and content of work. The sites are as follows:

  • Audio Book Recording

This field is a tasking one, it requires a good accent and a communication and reading skills. Pay here depend on how popular the book. To work in this field it requires you to search online for current or recently published books and do a short voice recording clip and send to the author or publishers mail. These sites listed below may help:

They are many other ways students can be involved in business apart from this basic one’s listed above, like being involved as a campus rep of a delivery company, you can start your own campus delivery group where you have a platform on social media where students make call and make orders like foods, groceries, phone & accessories etc. and it is delivered to their door steps. You can also take your skills online by opening a social media page to show case your goods example nitscrotche, yviescakes, adims stitches on Instagram etc. Most ushering services and laundry service now get their auxiliary staffs online, that you are still complaining that what your parents give you is not enough to cater your needs is because you don’t know the value of your social media as a student.  

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The secret to student’s online business is whatever you are doing do it well, concentration is needed and you should always deliver your services on time. Then pick whatever field you feel won’t distract your studies. With student online business you can always have a capital to start your business after your studies and kiss unemployed and say goodbye.

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